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Posted 3/29/2018
WVFHC is a Sport For Life community


We know that kids are dropping out of sport because it isn’t fun anymore – we are creating a culture with an emphasis on high sporting achievement at an early age, where children have to specialise too early and often the joy of playing is lost. Spring League is a perfect program for kids to discover the fun of playing field hockey simply for the love of it – so we are taking the opportunity to promote being active for life. Read on for more details..

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This Spring League, we are launching a project to promote “sport for life”.  With the support of Sport for Life Canada, we will be communicating to you:

  • Our values for Spring League
  • How Spring League fits into long term athlete development, ensuring that players engage in appropriate activities and skills for their age and stage of development
  • The importance of learning how to stay active for life
  • How we can create a positive sport experience 

Throughout the season we will provide different opportunities to learn about these themes, including fact sheets, posters, newsletters, speakers and social media.  Click here for more information