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Posted 4/3/2017
International Women's Field Hockey action at Rutledge 1-9 April !


Check out the latest scores and schedule for World League 2 here.
Go to Field Hockey Canada Facebook page to see all the game photos.

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WVFHC is proud to be hosting this international tournament  featuring 7 teams including Canada, India, Mexico, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay and Belarus. The full tournament schedule has now been confirmed and can be viewed here along with all event details.

Join in the fun and volunteer

WVFHC was approached by Field Hockey Canada to host World League 2 following our successful role in hosting the Men's US-Canada Series last summer.  To be invited to host this prestigious tournament is a testimony to our wonderful membership and to the passion for field hockey on the north shore.  

We invite you to sign up to volunteer and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to watch and learn from world-class hockey players.  We have a variety of roles depending on your interest and availability.  For more information and to register as a volunteer, click here.

And there is more to come...
WVFHC is working hard to enable our members to benefit from this unparalleled opportunity to see international-level field hockey in our own back yard.   Our Spring League members will receive separate communication about a selection program for ball kids and team kids within the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact emma@wvfhc.com