Hosting a Visiting Team

Visiting Teams

Hosting a visiting team fosters good sportsmanship, promotes cross-cultural exchange and creates opportunities to play against different teams.  WVFHC welcomes inquiries from travelling teams to play against the Club’s junior, women and men leagues.

We have both boys and girls teams at all levels of play from recreational through to competitive, and, in many cases, we are able to arrange billeting with our players. 

I have a team who would like to visit and play against WVFHC. Who do I speak to?

  • If you are from a Men's or Women's Team please contact the General Manager at who can then notify the appropriate divisions
  • If you are from a Junior team please email our Visiting Teams Coordinator at with your request
We look forward to seeing you in West Vancouver!

Hosting and Billeting Policy and Procedures


Hosting a visiting player is part of the touring experience and fosters good sportsmanship. However, the WVFHC values the safety of its players and volunteers above all else.   We want to ensure that our organisation upholds the highest standards in providing a safe secure environment for visiting players and host families.

Please click here to find WVFHC's draft Hosting and Billeting Policy and Procedures which include:

  • The protocol for hosting and organising visiting teams 
  • Guidelines for WVFHC Host Families
  • Guidelines for WVFHC players when they are billeted in homes
  • WVFHC Hosting Family Information Form
  • Emergency Contact Information Cards for Players and Host Families

Visiting Team Checklist


The aspects involved in hosting a visiting team are outlined in theVisiting Team Checklist. All individuals involved in organising a visit from a travelling team should consult the checklist and make sure that every step is completed to ensure a successful hosting experience.

If you have any questions please contact