Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance at Rutledge Field

Umpires and Coaches should be aware that Rutledge turf field needs to be played with a film of water to help extend the life of the turf, player's footing and for game play-ability.
When you run your stick along the turf quickly you should see a spray of water trailing from behind.

During dry turf conditions, Umpires/Coaches should water before each game. Umpires or Coaches should also water before each practice.

If you are not sure or need assistance with watering email Al  or call Al at 604 803 7264 .  
The lockbox is located between the two team benches.  Please refer to the email communication sent to all coaches & umpires for the code to open it.  Once the box is open then press button outlined in yellow once.  You can then close the box and lock up.
Reference photo of the interior buttons within the lock box:

The irrigation system is set so that each corner cannon sprays for 1 minute and the 2 centre cannons spray for 2 minutes, for a total of 8 minutes.  If the cycle has been interrupted, then the next time the button is pressed it will start from where it left off.  To get the full cycle, you must wait and then press start again. 

Please do not attempt to change any settings on the control box.

Field Etiquette

  • Permitted footwear is turf boots, running shoes or indoor soccer shoes only.  No plastic or metal cleats allowed.
  • Please use foot brushes before entering a play area
  • Please no food, coffee or dogs on the field or warm-up pad