Umpires Schedules

Junior Season Umpiring Schedules

The Umpires Schedules will be posted each Friday afternoon before the weekend of play. Managers should look at the schedule to find out which umpire is with their game. 

  • Coaches & managers will no longer need to pay the umpires at the field. The club will pay umpires directly at various points throughout the season. 
  • Each Week Umpires need to:
    • check the schedule to find out which games they will be umpiring
    • ensure they are umpiring the right game at the field
    • notify thier WVFHC umpire assignor as soon as possible if they are unable to umpire a game
    • email if there are any changes or substitutions to the posted schedule  
  • Each week coaches/mangers need to: 
    • check the weekly schedule to make sure they have umpires assigned to their HOME game. 
    • check that they have 2 umpires at the field
    • email if one or both umpires do not show up 
    • email if you have made substitutions to the umpire schedule due to no-shows (eg. a junior coach or parent has umpired)