Umpiring Levels

Description of Umpiring levels

Mini-Rules Umpire - U10 and Below games
  Kids under 10 play a simplified game on a half-size pitch, using the club modified introductory rules. Many U10 umpires are parents, older siblings or junior players. Mini-Rules umpires should be U13 and older, and registered to play with WVFHC. 
Club Umpire - U11-U14 games    At U11 and U12 the kids move up to the full FIH rules, 8-a-side game, on the half-sized pitch. U13 and U14 remains 11-a-side on a full-sized pitch.  At this level, parents or older players (at least two years older than the level they are working) will umpire. Parents may not umpire unless they have attended a club rules clinic. The Club Umpire clinic provides an introduction to the basic FIH rules as well as team umpiring practices, protocols and courtesies.  Club Umpires should be U14 and older, and registered to play with WVFHC.

Community Unrated Umpire - U15-U16 games    Umpires at this level need to take the provincial course in order to keep up with the level of play. Provincial Umpire candidates must attend both evenings of the course and write the Provincial exam. Once they have passed the exam they are Provincial UNRATED Umpires. Passing the exam is mandatory to ensure that the players at this higher level have umpires that have not only been recognized by FHBC, but have taken the initiative to better themselves.
Community, Provincially and Regionally Rated Umpires - U15-U18 games  After gaining some practical experience, candidates can arrange for a field rating by a Provincial assessor, usually in a tournament situation where assessors are often present. The assessor will evaluate the candidate's performance and assign him/her a Provincial B rating as appropriate. Umpires at the Community level may also wish to have further assessments to gain a Provincial rating.

Those umpires who have been assessed and are Community, Provincial and Regional are listed with FHBC and are eligible to umpire any junior league game.

For information about current umpiring courses that WVFHC is offering click here.

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