Importance of Umpires

Umpiring is a very unique, challenging and rewarding way to participate in field hockey. With players, there are all skill levels, and the same goes for umpires. Whether you want to make a little pocket money or to be involved in your sport, umpiring can be a great way to be a part of the game. 

2018 Umpiring Clinics


Registration is now OPEN for our 2018 Umpiring Clinics!

  • Mini-Rules Umpiring Clinic
  • Club Rules Umpiring Clinic
  • Refresher Umpiring Clinic
All individuals wishing to be an umpire for 2018 Spring League must attend one of these clinics. 

All returning umpires must attend either the Refresher Clinic or a Club or Provincial Course in order to be included on the current WVFHC Umpires List.

Refresher Clinic:

  • Required for ALL umpires with 2 or more years experience who have previously umpired 2 years of Club Rules or U13-U18 games. 
  • You must be registered to play Spring League with WVFHC 
  • Thursday, March 15th, Tuesday, April 3rd or Wednesday, April 18th

Club Rules Clinics: 
  • For all new umpires and returning umpires with 0 - 2 years experience. Will cover umpiring full field rules and umpiring U11-14 games.
  • Suggested age 13 and older, and you must be registered to play Spring League with WVFHC 
  • Wednesday, March 14th, Thursday, April 5th or Tuesday, April 17th

Mini-Rules Clinics: 
  • For new umpires and returning umpires wishing to umpire exclusively at the U9-U10 level 
  • Suggested age 12 or older, and you must be registered to play Spring League with WVFHC
  • Tuesday, March 13th, Wednesday, April 4th or Thursday, April 19th 

Details for All Clinics:
  • All clinics will be held at Sentinel Secondary School in Class Room #304 from 7:00-9:00pm
  • There is a $10 clinic fee for all umpiring clinics
  • Whistles and shirts are mandatory for ALL umpires and will be available at every clinic (pricing to be announced soon)
  • Bring a pen/pencil, and paper - you may also bring your stick or any other items you feel necessary
  • Refunds for cancellations will not be available as administration costs, cheque and mailing cost will exceed $10
If you have questions or are unable to attend one of the clinics, please contact 

Spring League Pay Scale


As part of our ongoing commitment to umpire development, we are excited to announce a new pay scale for umpiring this Spring League:

All umpires (Mini rules, Club rules & Community umpires) are required to attend ONE MANDATORY clinic. To receive the "Education Incentive" bonus, umpires will need to attend a 2nd clinic during the season. This 2nd clinic will ensure there is an adequate understanding of the theory required to be a successful umpire and to give umpires the opportunity to get feedback from experienced mentors.

We value committed umpires who want to improve. All umpires who umpire 8 games or more will receive a "Commitment Incentive" bonus.  We also encourage all umpires to get assessed by a Mentor. This assessment will give you real-time feedback and will help with decision-making and positional play.

Once a bonus incentive has been activated, you will receive back-pay on your previous games.