Importance of Umpires

Umpiring is a very unique, challenging and rewarding way to participate in field hockey. With players, there are all skill levels, and the same goes for umpires. Whether you want to make a little pocket money or to be involved in your sport, umpiring can be a great way to be a part of the game. 

Spring League Pay Scale


As part of our ongoing commitment to umpire development, we are excited to announce a new pay scale for umpiring this Spring League:

All umpires (Mini rules, Club rules & Community umpires) are required to attend ONE MANDATORY clinic. To receive the "Education Incentive" bonus, umpires will need to attend a 2nd clinic during the season. This 2nd clinic will ensure there is an adequate understanding of the theory required to be a successful umpire and to give umpires the opportunity to get feedback from experienced mentors.

We value committed umpires who want to improve. All umpires who umpire 8 games or more will receive a "Commitment Incentive" bonus.  We also encourage all umpires to get assessed by a Mentor. This assessment will give you real-time feedback and will help with decision-making and positional play.

Once a bonus incentive has been activated, you will receive back-pay on your previous games.