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Register Here for Men's League

All players MUST be registered on the WVFHC club registration system and with FHBC.  
The registration process for the 2017-18 involves 2-steps.
  1. First, please register directly with Field Hockey BC (FHBC) to renew / acquire your annual membership number. **If you do not register with FHBC, you will not be allowed to play **
  2. Using your renewed FHBC ID# - register with WVFHC
2017-18 Men's Club Dues
FHBC Senior (18+ rate) = $78 or FHBC Junior = $55
WVFHC club dues for both Seniors & Juniors = $275
Early Bird WVFHC club dues (prior to Aug 10th) = $250

Registration Step 1
Follow this link to the FHBC website and complete registration.

If you are a returning club player, you already have an FHBC number. It is on your ID card from last year (you can also enter your name and email address to find out). Once you have completed registration with FHBC, you will be emailed a confirmation of your payment along with your renewed FHBC #.

Registration Step 2
Now that you have registered with FHBC, you can register with the Men's Program at WVFHC after July 15th when registration opens.

Click Here to Register with WVFHC

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your username and password from last season. In this registration form you will be required to enter your FHBC #. Once registration is complete you will receive confirmation of registration and payment by email. If you do not receive confirmation please contact Chris

Applications for refund are to be forwarded to the Club Administrator .Please include the players name, mailing address and reason of withdrawal. Important to note:
  1. All Refund requests are subject to a $25 administration fee.
  2. WVFHC is not responsible for refund of FHBC registration - you will need to contact FHBC directly about that.
  3. Refund requests after the start of the season will be reviewed by the Men's Board and prorated appropriately. There will be no refunds if withdrawing after December 1st.
Changes in contact info:

After you have registered, you can still update your account. For example, if your email address changes, you can update it yourself to make sure you get the club emails.

Click Here to Update Your Profile

>> Earn $50 back...

If you umpire ONE game for the Club in the coming League season, we will pay you back the $50 at season’s end. Team Captains/Managers will send out a list of umpiring opportunities throughout the year for which people can sign up. (Remember, if you have a valid umpiring certification from FHBC, you also get paid by the League.)