Player Transfer Requests

Player Transfer Requests

All returning players who register before the registration deadline will automatically be placed onto their previous team. If you wish to play on a different team you must complete the Transfer Request Form below.  Before you do this, please read some important information below:

Not all transfer requests will be granted. If we cannot accommodate your transfer request, players are returned to their previous team. 

Team Placement
Players are placed on teams in the following priority:

  1. Place Returning Players on their previous team 
  2. Place any players from teams that are folding 
  3. Place any Players who have filled in a Transfer Request Form (prioritized in order of date received) 
  4. Place New Players (prioritized in order of date received) 
  5. Place late registrations if there is a place on a team for them (prioritized in order of date received)

The Transfer Process

1. Complete the online Player Transfer Request form below.  This request will be accessed by your Age Group Coordinator & the Club Administrator. 

2. Age Group Coordinators are the only individuals who may discuss a transfer with a coach, a manager, a player or her parents. The Age Group Coordinator will notify both team coaches involved in any Transfer Requests affecting their teams. 

3. Consideration of "no streaming" and maintaining balanced teams will take precedence over all other considerations when evaluating requests for transfer. 

4. No transfer requests will be permitted after January 31 of the current season for girls and February 15th for boys.

When does my transfer request get considered and when am I notified?
The club must first finalise team numbers and therefore must wait for registration to end (January 31 for girls and February 15 for boys).  Once our team numbers are confirmed we can then consider transfer requests.  Transfer request will therefore generally be considered in late February and you will be contacted with to the outcome of the request.