Managers & Umpiring

Coaches, Managers & Umpiring Responsibilities

Umpires are assigned for all games U9 to U18 by an umpire scheduler. At the same time our team coaches and managers also have important responsibilities to our umpires.

Coaches and Managers Responsibilities

1. U13 teams and above: Identify AND encourage a number of your players (at least 3 or 4) who you think would make good umpires and talk to them about getting involved in umpiring and taking the appropriate umpiring courses that are scheduled before each junior season. Follow-up with them.

2. For AWAY games, you should confirm with the AWAY team that they will be providing 2 umpires. You may bring an umpire if they request, in which case they must pay that WVFHC umpire before the game starts.  If you need assistance to do this, contact the umpire scheduler for your age group.

Sporting Behaviour:
Team management is responsible for the behaviour of their team and supporters. Coaches and managers are REQUIRED to assist umpires in enforcing sporting behaviour from all concerned. Negative commentary from players, coaches or supporters is not acceptable. ABUSE OF UMPIRES, ESPECIALLY OUR JUNIOR UMPIRES, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Umpires, Coaches, and Managers: please forward complaints and compliments regarding umpiring or the behavior of coaches/spectators/players to