Spring League FAQs

Spring League Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you tier players for Spring League Teams?
Research shows that youth participation in sport is on the decline. Why? A growing body of opinion is that we (i.e. parents and sport organisations) are creating a culture which focuses on high sporting achievement at an ever-earlier age. Many sports and clubs start tiering players from an early age, using try outs or evaluations to place players in teams according to their ability.  The joy of “playing” is being eroded from sport, and as a result, for many kids, it just isn’t fun anymore or they don’t feel “good enough” to continue. So they hang up their cleats/ skates/ swimsuits and leave sport behind.

WVFHC is proud to offer Spring League as a non-tiered program allowing kids to play for the sheer fun and love of the game.  Playing on a team offers the chance to contribute to something bigger than yourself, to learn how to work with others, to experience success and failure together, to take calculated risks and experience the consequences, and learn the values of sportsmanship. We also offer other complementary Spring programs  where players can develop their further develop their skills and play more competitively.

My child’s team has players with a range of ability levels – how will you ensure that all their needs are catered for?
Spring League is a non-tiered program that enables experienced and new players to play together in teams.  This combination allows those who are new to benefit from playing alongside those with more experience.  And for players who are experienced, Spring League provides an opportunity to demonstrate leadership within a team environment.

We provide support to our Spring League coaches on how to coach all levels of ability through coaching workshops, weekly practice plans, youtube skills demonstrations and other means.  Teams may also request additional support from Lead Coaches or Junior Coaches.

We also offer other complementary Spring programs where players can develop their further develop their skills and play more competitively.

Who do I contact for more information?
For more information about Spring League, please contact the coordinator for your age-group. These contacts are found in "About Us" or "Contact Us".  You can also email the Club Administrator.

When are my child's practice / game times for Spring League?
Click on "Girls & Boys" button at the top and then scroll down to "What Programs Can I do?" section. Click on the grade of your child in the Spring League section to see all available details of practices and games.                       

I have never played field hockey before - does this matter?
No! Spring League is about having fun!  Spring League is a non-tryout, non-streamed program. New players are welcome every season.

Will my child be allocated to the same team as last year?
Generally players automatically return to their previous year's team, but if numbers in an age group change dramatically, there may be need to rearrange teams significantly.  We try to keep players with team mates they know. If you request a change, you must fill in a Transfer Request Form.

My child is a new player and would like to request to play with their friends - where should I put this in the registration form?
You should include any requests within the "Friend/team requests" section of the registration form
My child is an existing player and would like to play on another team with friends - how do I go about this?
You must fill out an online Transfer Request Form.  Transfer requests must be submitted prior to end of registration:  January 31 for girls and February 15 for boys.
When does my transfer request get considered and when am I notified?
The club must first finalise team numbers and therefore must wait for registration to end (January 31 for girls and February 15 for boys).  Once our team numbers are confirmed we can then consider transfer requests.  Transfer request will therefore generally be considered in late February and you will be contacted with to the outcome of the request.