Codes of Conduct

Conduct Guidelines for Players

Respect:  Treat teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, parents and other spectators with respect and courtesy;

Umpires: Accept, with dignity, the decisions of umpires;

Rules: Play within the rules and the spirit of the rules of the game, at all times;

Physical Force:  Refrain from use of physical force outside the rules of  the game;

Winning & Losing: Be generous in winning and gracious in losing.

Conduct Guidelines for Parents


Child First - Respect the wishes of your own child by: 

  • not forcing your child to participate in field hockey
  • respect that your child plays the sport for her/his own enjoyment, not for yours
  • teach your child that doing one's best is as important as winning
  • never yell at or ridicule your child for making a mistake or losing a competition

Respect: Treat all players, coaches, opponents, officials, and other spectators with respect and courtesy

Umpires: Respect and accept the decisions of umpires

Rules: Respect the rules and regulations of the game and the facility

Cheering: Cheer in a positive manner for ALL competitors

Coaching: Deal with any coaching/parent concerns in a private meeting agreed to by parent(s) and coach(es) away from a game or practice setting.  This meeting may be attended by the team manager

Coaches Conduct Guidelines for Spring League


Coach Training:  Obtain proper training and continue to upgrade your coaching skills


  • Treat ALL players fairly and with respect
  • Treat opponents and officials with respect, both in victory and defeat
  • Encourage team members to treat all players, opponents, officials, coaches, parents and spectators with respect
  • Treat Junior Coaches with respect and make them feel a part of the team.  Ensure that players and parents also show respect to the junior volunteers
  • Refrain from use of profanity, insults, harassment* or other offensive language when dealing with players, officials, other coaches or spectators

Equality and fairness to all players: Ensure that all players receive equal instruction, support and playing time

Rules: Encourage players to uphold the rules of the game and spirit of such rules in a sportsmanlike manner

Fun: Create an atmosphere which fosters enjoyment of sport, sportsmanship, teamwork and fun

Be familiar with and base your coaching on the WVFHC mission statement"To provide opportunities to all members of our community to develop lifelong skills as field hockey players, coaches, and umpires in an atmosphere that fosters enjoyment of sport, sportsmanship, teamwork and the pursuit of personal excellence."

Goal DifferentialOnce a goal differential of 7 goals has been reached, instruct players to practice skills other than attaining goals to allow players to develop their skills rather than cause a large defeat for the opposing team

Player recruitment: WVFHC Junior league is a club-based and non-streamed league.  The club encourages friends to play together to U18.  Recruitment of players from other teams is not permitted.  Coaches must not deliberately target other team's players for recruitment.  Coaches and players must respect the player transfer policy

Safety & Health:

  • Ensure that equipment is safe and that all players wear shin pads, appropriate footwear and mouth guards at all practices and games
  • Ensure that the goalie equipment is safe and is worn properly
  • Consider the player's future health and well-being as foremost when making decisions regarding an injured players ability to continue playing or training

Parents: The coach is responsible for the behavior of parents at the field.  Deal with any parent/coaching concerns in a private meeting agreed to by parent(s) and coach(es) away from a game or practice setting.  This meeting may be attended by the team manager

In addition, West Vancouver Field Hockey Club has adopted an all-club Code of Conduct and Ethics which Coaches and Managers are required to read and acknowledge. It can be found here: