Complaints Policy

Coaches Complaints Policy

The WVFHC encourages the resolution of issues involving a coach's conduct by direct and informal means.  Parents and players (if age appropriate), should first approach the coach and try and negotiate a satisfactory resolution if appropriate and achievable.  The WVFHC has developed a Code of Conduct for players, parents and coaches to guide members in the way they should be conducting their activities (this can be found here).  The Code of Conduct for coaches states the boundaries under which the coaching and coach training relationships should function. 

If this approach is not feasible or does not result in a satisfactory resolution, then the following steps should be undertaken:

1. Notify the coordinator for your age group of the problem and of any attempts that have been made to resolve it.  Preferably this notification should be made in writing (email or letter). If a written complaint is not attainable, the coordinator will then interview the parent and summarize the complaint in a document.
2. Depending on the severity of the complaint, the coach will be contacted by phone by a club representative and the complaint discussed over the phone or, alternatively, the coach will be contacted by a club representative who will make arrangements for two club representatives (including one from the coaching committee) to meet with the coach to discuss the complaint.

3. Monitoring of the coach and team would ensue if necessary.