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Straight Talk about Children and Sport
Straight Talk about Children and Sport provides parents, coaches, and teachers some important information about the early developmental needs of young children in organized sport. This free resource offers tips from authoritative sources – doctors, psychologists, sport scientists, and coaching consultants – on how young participants can get the most from their sport experience.

Coaching Athletes with a Disability
Coaching Athletes with a Disability is a manual designed to provide grassroots coaches who have never worked with athletes with a disability with basic information, guidelines, and tips that will assist in creating conditions for effective participation and inclusion. Coaching Athletes with a Disability is available exclusively to coaches that have participated in NCCP training and to partners delivering the NCCP. You must have a valid NCCP Database login (user name and password) to download the file.

Power and Ethics in Coaching
Power and Ethics in Coaching is a handbook that explores the issues of power and leadership in coach-athlete relationships. This handbook is the first step in helping coaches learn how to use power well and act ethically.

Gender Equity in Coaching
Gender Equity in Coaching is a resource designed to provide Learning Facilitators, Course Conductors, and other educators with:
a better understanding of gender-related issues,
a series of learning scenarios that can be used with coaches to raise awareness of gender equity and to create a more equitable environment for girls and women in sport.

They are all available to download at:

For the second resource (Coaching Athletes with a Disability) you will need a valid NCCP user name and password...usually your name and NCCP #. If you are having trouble with any of this please contact me and I can send a copy of the file to you directly (some of the files are larger than the 5MB limit usually associated with most e-mail accounts).

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