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Manager's Guide 2018

We are proud to introduce an updated resource for our Spring League managers this year - the Manager's Guide 2018.

This guide is designed to provide all the information you need to help you do your job as easily as possible. It includes key information about practices and games, uniforms and equipment, safety procedures and field maintenance. It also contains all the key dates and key contacts that you will need.

We recommend that you download and print a copy of this guide to keep with you for handy reference.  Please click here to access the guide.
If you have any comments or questions about the guide please contact

What do I need to complete before the season?


   1. Criminal Record Check:
The WVFHC values the safety of its players and volunteers above all else.  We want to ensure that our organisation upholds the highest standards in providing a safe secure environment for our children to play field hockey.  
All individuals working, volunteering or who have direct contact with children aged 19 or under must submit a criminal records check (CRC) to the club.  This includes:

  •   team managers
  •   coaches
  •   assistant coaches
  •   junior coaches if older than 19 years 
  •   other positions on a case by case basis

·  To volunteer with Spring League 2017, WVFHC needs to receive your CRC by 17 April 2017. If you are unable to provide a completed CRC or confirm that it is in process by this date, you will be unable to volunteer.  Exceptional circumstances will be agreed to by the Risk Manager on a case-by-case basis. 

For more information about how to get your CRC, click here.

2. Code of Conduct:
As a coach or manager, WVFHC requires you to read and agree to abide by the Spring League Conduct Guidelines for Coaches and Managers, as well as the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the entire Club.  To volunteer with Spring League, we need to receive your signed acknowledgement by 1 April 2017.  To complete this, please click here

3. Privacy Guidelines:

As a coach or manager you will be accessing sensitive information about our players.  You are required to read and sign our Privacy Guidelines by 1 April 2017.  Please click here.

Spring League Rules and Field Set Up


Click here for U9/U10 Field Set up & Rules.

Click here for U11/U12 Field Set up & Rules.

The best way to become familiar with the rules of field hockey is to attend one of the WVFHC Umpiring Clinics. Click here for the 2016 umpiring clinics. 

General Guidelines

  • Spectators: Spectators may watch the games/practices from outside the field fences.  Only coaches and players may be on the field.  No parents should be on the field unless they are coaching the team.  Parents and supporters are asked to offer only positive general encouragement for their team. They are specifically asked not to give any direction to players on the pitch; please leave that to the coaches. Spectator coaching or abusive commentary is unacceptable. 
  • Coaches: Two coaches per team will be required each weekend. If you cannot make it, you will need to make sure there is cover for your team. 
  • Umpires: Umpires are there to ensure the game is played in a safe manner and that players have fun. Do not get hung up on the rules. Do try to help the kids learn the basics and try to keep play moving. Make sure players understand the calls that you make. Be definitive. Two umpires will be assigned for each home game by the Umpire Assignor.

Procedure for Re-scheduling a League Game


  • The WVFHC strongly encourages you to play your league games as scheduled.  We cannot guarantee there will be alternative turf time or umpires available for a make up game. 
  • The GVJFHL encourages its member Clubs not to cancel, but to recruit players from lower age groups and play your scheduled game
Away Games:
  • As soon as you know you have a conflict, for whatever reason, you must immediately contact the other team and try to negotiate a reasonable, agreeable alternative with them.  Coach and Manager contact information for your opponents is available on the GVJFHL website under your Age Division. 
  • Failure to come to an agreement with your opponent will result in the GVJFHL referring back to the original schedule to determine which Club has responsibility to host and provide a field for the game.  Fines of $50 will be levied for failing to provide a minimum 72 hours notice that your game needs to be cancelled + umpiring costs, as well as $50 fines for teams that are "no shows"
Home Games:
If you absolutely need to re-schedule your Home game, then we recommend the following be done, well in advance of the minimum 72 hours’ notice:

  • As soon as you know you have a conflict your team manager must immediately contact our Administrator at  The Administrator will assist you in finding alternative field times that might be available and "block off" these times for 72 hours until you can confirm the rescheduling or cancellation of your original game. 
  • If alternative field times are available, the team manager is responsible for contacting the other team and trying to negotiate a reasonable, agreeable alternative with them.  Coach and Manager contact information for your opponent is available on the GVJFHL website under your Age Division.
  • Once you have agreed an alternative field time, the team manager must go back to the Administrator and confirm the details of the rescheduled game.  The Administrator will then contact the Umpire Coordinator to have Umpires rescheduled for your alternate game time.  Failure to do this in a timely or accurate manner (ie: without a minimum 72 hours) will result in additional umpiring fees being levied to your team.  The Administrator will also contact the GVJFHL to make them aware of the changes.
  • Should you be unable to reach an agreement or alternative field time is not available then you must decide to either cancel the game ($50 fine + umpiring costs if cancelled with less than 72 hours’ notice) or you play the game with the players you have and consider borrowing from the age group below.
Remember, when you cancel a game it has an impact or more than just you and your team:

  • Whether you use the field of not for your home games, WVFHC still pays for the field
  • Umpires have been assigned to your game and have arranged their schedule to fit your game
  • Parents have worked around your game schedule to get their umpiring son or daughter to your game
  • Umpire Mentors may have been assigned to your game and made time in their schedules
  • Giving back your field time in a reasonable, timely manner makes it available for others

*** The season is so short - try your best not to cancel any games! ***

Additional Resources for Coaches and Managers

  • To access Coaching Plans and other coaching resources, please go to Coaching and then Coach Login.  You will need your WVFHC coach username and password. If you do not have this yet, please contact