Umpiring Resources

Umpiring Resources

Below are the manuals which are used as the basis of the WVFHC umpiring and coaching courses:

An Introduction to Umpiring: 2016 Mini Rules

An Introduction to Umpiring: 2016 Club Rules

Junior Club Level Umpiring & Signals


Click here for WVFHC Introduction to Umpiring U11 to U14 (Club Rules)

Documents are all available as downloads so they can be saved & printed by Umpires for reference.   All junior umpires should print a copy and bring it to the clinic they are attending.

Field Hockey Rules & Umpiring


Field hockey is governed by the FIH. Field Hockey Canada uses the same rules at all levels, with slight variations depending on the level of play and league rules. 

This link to the FIH website will direct you to the latest outdoor and indoor field hockey rules.

The FIH umpires briefings are also very useful in learning how to interpret and apply the rules. They have also set up a video library where you can watch international umpires apply the rules, with explanation and commentary. 

Field Hockey BC and Field Hockey Canada

You can find all the rated umpires within BC on the FHBC website.

Field Hockey Canada also provides some resources on umpiring. 



Umpiring is a skill attained through lots of experience, but getting help and advice from a more experienced umpire can often help in improving those skills a little bit faster. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to receive umpire mentoring.