Touring Information

Touring Philosophy

Touring fosters good sportsmanship, promotes cross-cultural exchange and creates opportunities to play against different teams. WVFHC undertakes a number of tours on an annual basis, predominantly through the Adanacs program.  

Decisions about what tours are undertaken are made with consideration of WVFHC Player Pathways, cost, interest levels and opportunity to showcase player ability. 

As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to ensuring that as many of our players as possible can join a tour. We make every effort to keep costs as affordable as possible. We are also open to flexible payment arrangements if required.

For more information about touring opportunities, please contact Geoff Matthews at

Touring Policies & Conduct Guidelines


Touring is a unique and memorable sport experience - and we want our players to have fun on the tours.  However we also value the safety of our players and volunteers above all else.  

To ensure the well-being of everyone on tour, the Club has a set of policies and guidelines that all players and tour personnel are required to read.  To see a copy please click here.