Spring League Schedules

Spring League Practice Schedule

The schedule for the 2018 Spring League season is now posted! 

A few reminders about your practice field assignment:
  • Practices begin the week of April 2nd  
  • Each team has been assigned 1 hour of practice per week. 
  • The boys teams have a B in front of their age group (BU11)
  • We start assignments from U18 & worked our way down to U13. This year U9-U12 teams have their practices grouped together in a selected group of time slots with a lead coach at the field to assist the teams. We also gave special consideration to those that were coaching 2 or more teams.
  • Wednesday was the most popular day requested & Rutledge the most popular field. We tried our best, but not everyone did get their first choice. The schedule is a combination of 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices.
  • Any of the grey shaded areas have not been allocated to WVFHC.
  • Due to the number of teams (90 in total) and finite numbers of available practice times, most U9-U12 teams are assigned six to to a field.  All U13-U18 teams are allocated a half field. 
  • In instances where multiple teams share an entire field, the teams should take turns in the middle section of the field so each team can have rotating access to a goal for practices. 
  • Please do not permit your players to enter the field to warm up before your start time. 
  • Please make sure the field is cleared of cones & balls at the end of your practice so the next team can start their practice on time. 
  • If you have any questions, email emma@wvfhc.com