Sport for Life 2018

Sport for Life 2018

This Spring League, we are launching a project to promote “sport for life”.  With the support of Sport for Life Canada, we will be communicating to you:

  • Our values for Spring League
  • How Spring League fits into long term athlete development, ensuring that players engage in appropriate activities and skills for their age and stage of development
  • The importance of learning how to stay active for life
  • How we can create a positive sport experience 

Throughout the season we will provide different opportunities to learn about these themes, including fact sheets, posters, newsletters, speakers and social media.  Read on for more information about what this means for you...

At the end of Spring League we will be asking you for feedback about what you found useful, engaging and informative -  and what you didn’t!  

Contact: Emma Gibbons, Executive Director at

Spring League - encouraging sport for life!


Our Spring League program offers skills development and physical activity in a supportive environment based on these values:

Long-Term Athlete Development LTAD is a progressive pathway that recognises distinct stages of development in children.  We will ensure that the activities that players engage in during Spring League are appropriate for their age and stage of development

Player-centered – we recognise that physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development varies according to a player’s age and stage of development

Promotes key values - we will ensure that Spring League is inclusive, welcoming, fun, fair and safe

Encourages lifelong activity and wellness – whether our players want to continue with field hockey, try another of our programs, or take a break and come back at a later time, we will provide opportunities for them to stay active at any age.

To find out more about Spring League click here.

My Player Pathway


"I am learning to be active for life!"

Our U6-U12 players will receive a "My Player Pathway" card at the start of Spring League.  

We would like you to learn:

  • what you should be doing and learning at your age in sport
  • why it is important to try different sports and activities
  • playing fair and respecting others
  • being a good team player

Each week of Spring League, complete the challenge or collect a postcard to take you one step further along the pathway on the card.

Don’t forget to pick up your prize at the end of your pathway!

Week 1: Postcard 1 "I am learning about my development"


Week 2  "I told my coach what I wanted to learn this Spring League"

Week 5 Postcard 2 "I'm learning different ways of moving my body"

Week 4 "I talked about the code of conduct with my parents"

Week 5 Postcard 3 "I'm learning about trying different sports"

Information for Parents



You play an essential role in creating a supportive environment for your child to experience sport and physical activity.  Look out for these in Spring League:

  • Welcome Pack for U6-U12 age groups with key information about Spring League, player development and the skills that your child will learn during the program

  • Parent newsletters

  • Parent & player seminars on key topics – HOLD THE DATE: 2 May is our first seminar with Matt Young about parenting in sport today. Details to follow.

  • Posters at the field 

  • "Hot Topics & Hot Chocolate – For our U7 and U8 players, we will have tents with hot drinks on select days so that parents can pick up information on key topics while they watch their children play:
    Physical Literacy - A parent's guide
    Early Sport Specialisation - A parent's guide

  • Codes of conduct for coaches, players and parents

Useful Parent Resources:

A Sport Parents Guide from Canadian Sport for Life

Long Term Athlete Development for Parents

Maximising the Sport Experience for our kids

Information for Coaches


Coaches play an essential role in creating a positive sport experience for our players. We want to help and support you. Watch out for these this season...

  • A Welcome Pack for our U6-U12 coaches and managers with key information about Spring League, your team’s development and staying safe and healthy while you play

  • Player development and skills matrices for your age group so that you can understand how best to coach and teach the skills appropriate for your team

  • Team progress cards in select age groups to help you communicate to your team about the skills you learned during Spring League

  • Coach and manager newsletters

  • A "Team of the Week" social media campaign to feature some of our teams

Useful Coach Resources:

Field Hockey Canada's Long-Term Hockey Development Plan

Why are we doing this?


We know that kids are dropping out of sport because it isn’t fun anymore – we are creating a culture with an emphasis on high sporting achievement at an early age, where children have to specialise too early and often this means that the joy of playing is lost.   Spring League is a perfect opportunity for kids to discover the fun of playing field hockey simply for the love of it – it’s a chance to show and teach kids, parents and coaches about fun, exercise and skill development in a social setting.   

At the end of the season we will ask parents, players and coaches for your feedback.  The project evaluation will look at how easy and how effective the different activities were at communicating our key messages and raising awareness about sport for life.  We hope that we can identify some practical ways that we – and other sport organisations – can connect and communicate with our members beyond just sending emails.  

At the end of the day, we want to create a positive sport experience for children which will encourage them to stay active for life!