Safety Information

Safety Guidelines and Procedures

We recommend that all coaches and managers familiarise themselves with the WVFHC safety guidelines and procedures.  This includes:

  • roles and responsibilities of coaches and managers
  • roles and responsibilities of WVFHC
  • recommended contents of a First Aid Kit
  • concussion awareness and education
  • what to do in the event of a serious incident
  • return to play procedure
Please click here to download and print the document. 

Click here for First Aid Kit checklist

Serious Incident Procedure

Every manager and coach is responsible for: 
  • reviewing the Emergency Action Plan for each field/location that they are playing on
  • identifying a Call Person, Contact Person and Safety Person in the team. These may include the Assistant Coach, Manager or parents - whatever makes most sense for each individual team.
  • completing an Incident Report if the Emergency Action Plan is activated or if a head injury is involved.
In the event of an injured player, the Safety Person will determine whether it is a serious injury or not:
  • if it is a minor injury, appropriate actions will be taken by the team to help the player (ie. taken off field, First Aid Kit, ice pack etc)
  • if it is a serious injury, the Emergency Action Plan will be activated. 
  • if a head injury is involved, an Incident Report Form must be completed whether the EAP is activated or not.
For all serious injuries, after the Emergency Action Plan has been completed and the player is taken care of, the Safety Person must:
  • notify the General Manager at the Club: Emma Gibbons at 604 715 4502
  • complete an Incident Report Form and email it to the General Manager at  
  • The Incident Report Form can be found here

Emergency Action Plans

All coaches and managers should familiarise themselves with the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each field/location that they are playing on.

Please find below all the EAPs for the facilities on the north shore.  We recommend that you download and print the EAP to keep with you when you play at each location.