Spring League

Spring League

Spring League is the main field hockey season for junior players. The season runs from after Spring Break to mid-June.

Spring League is about having fun!

  • We aim to provide an atmosphere of fun and exercise with skill development within the context of a team sport.
  • Spring League is a non-tryout, non-streamed program. New players are welcome every season.
  • We are a community sports club with players and volunteers from all over the north shore and beyond. Teams will be made up of a mix of players from different schools. For more information about how teams are made up, please scroll further down to our Team Placement Guidelines
  • We are run by volunteers – We rely on volunteers for our coaches, managers, age group coordinators, uniform and equipment coordinators, and many other positions. The success of our Spring League is dependent on the many hours that these wonderful volunteers put in.  For more information about how you can contribute, please contact emma@wvfhc.com
Registration for Spring League opens November 1st. 

Program Information

Girls and boys from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can join Spring League! Click the links below for specific details for each group.

Spring League Registration Information

Registration for Junior Girls or Boys 2017 Spring League opens Friday November 1 and closes January 31st for the girls and Feb 15th for the boys.  The $10 Early bird discount expires November 30th.

Once registration closes, a Late Fee of $20 is added if SPACE IS AVAILABLE. Otherwise those registering will be added to a wait list. Payment will not be processed until we have confirmed we can place you onto a team. 

Player Transfer Requests - All returning players who register before the registration deadline will automatically be placed onto their previous team. If you wish to play on a different teams you must complete the Player Transfer Request Form found in the left column of this page. Not all transfer requests will be grantedIf we cannot accommodate your transfer request, players are returned to their previous team. Please read the Player Transfer Policy found on the Player Transfer Request page before completing the transfer form.

What Do I Need?

All players are responsible for providing the following equipment:

  1. Running shoes or turf boots for artificial turf. Soccer cleats are not permitted on Rutledge Field but are allowed on other artificial turf fields.
  2. Shinpads - soccer shinpads.
  3. Mouthguard - standard plastic sports mouthguards can be purchased at many sports stores. To mold the mouthguard to the shape of your mouth so it is more comfortable, place it in boiling water for about a minute. Then take it out and hold it in your mouth for a minute.
  4. Field Hockey stick
For more information about where to get equipment, see Equipment Suppliers on left menu bar.

Spring League Team Placement Guidelines


Spring League is a non-tryout, non-streamed program. All players are welcome until the teams are full. Each year, teams may be made up of players who played on that team the year prior, with additions of players who are new to the Club or who played elsewhere.  Each age group has a coordinator who is responsible for making up the teams each year with assistance from the Head Coordinator.  These guidelines are followed to promote fairness, equal opportunity and distribution of players from different schools:

  • Teams are made up of approximately 12-14 players. School-based teams will not be formed. Wherever possible, children will be placed with one friend whom they have requested.
  • Players registering before January 31st will be given priority when team placements are made, honouring requests where possible and following the guidelines for placement.
  • Returning Players are automatically placed on their previous team, unless they have requested a transfer. See “Player Transfer Requests” in the left hand column.
  • Players from any folding teams are asked for one child with whom they would like to continue playing. These players are placed together in smaller groups on teams which have space.
  • The Club will distribute "new to field hockey" players among established teams where possible to avoid creating teams consisting of all new players. This applies mostly to the older age groups. We will always endeavor to place players with at least one friend or child who attends the same school.
  • All players registering on February 1 or later will be placed on teams with available spots in date order of registration, honouring requests where possible and following the guidelines for placement.
  • At the beginning of the season, the maximum number of children from one school placed on a team will be six. If exactly 6 players register from one school, they may be spread over 2 teams.
  • Coaches' children will always be placed on their parent's team. Team managers' and coordinators' children will be placed according to the same guidelines as everyone else.
  • When all teams are full, a waitlist will be started. Players must be registered before being placed on the waitlist. Order on the waitlist is based on the registration date. Should a spot on a team become available, the first person on the waitlist will be offered the spot. If this person declines the spot, the next person will be contacted. A decision on the part of the waitlisted player must be made within 24 hours of being contacted.
  • Once teams are formed, the team coach or manager will email the team
  • Coaches do not choose who fills the spot on his/her team.
  • Team transfers: Requests for team transfers will be considered only between the period of regular registration and team formation. Transfers are granted at the discretion of the age group coordinator in consultation with the head coordinator. Once teams are finalized, player requests for changes can only be entertained in exceptional circumstances.
A huge amount of thought, time and effort go into making the teams. Please be respectful of these volunteer age group coordinators. If you are positive and encouraging to your child about whatever team he/she is placed on, your child will be too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact for more information?
For more information about Spring League, please contact the coordinator for your age-group. These contacts are found in "About Us" or "Contact Us".  You can also email the Club Administrator.

When are my child's practice / game times for Spring League?
Click on "Girls & Boys" button at the top and then scroll down to "What Programs Can I do?" section. Click on the grade of your child in the Spring League section to see all available details of practices and games. 

I have never played field hockey before - does this matter?
No! Spring League is about having fun!  
Spring League is a non-tryout, non-streamed program. New players are welcome every season.

Will my child be allocated to the same team as last year?
Generally players automatically return to their previous year''s team, but if numbers in an age group change dramatically, there may be  need to rearrange teams significantly.  We try to keep players with team mates they know. If you request a change, you must fill in a Transfer Request Form.

My child is a new player and would like to request to play with their friends - where should I put this in the registration form?
You should include any requests within the "Friend/team requests" section of the form or the Admin Section of the registration form.
My child is an existing player and would like to play on another team with friends - how do I go about this?
You must fill out an online Transfer Request Form (see "Player Transfer Requests" button on the left hand side).  Transfer requests must be submitted prior to end of registration:  January 31 for girls and February 15 for boys.
When does my transfer request get considered and when am I notified?
The club must first finalise team numbers and therefore must wait for registration to end (January 31 for girls and February 15 for boys).  Once our team numbers are confirmed we can then consider transfer requests.  Transfer request will therefore generally be considered in late February and you will be advised as to the outcome of the request.