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2015 Junior Spring League Registration is OPEN

Juniors Spring League runs from early April to June 20th weekend. 

Registration for Junior Girls or Boys 2015 Spring League opens November 1. The $10 Early bird discount expired November 30th.

Registration deadline is January 31st for Girls and February 15th for Boys. After that a $20 late fee will be added if space is available. Otherwise those registering will be added to a wait list. Payment will not be processed until we have confirmed we can place you onto a team. 

Player Transfer Requests - All returning players will automatically be placed onto their previous team. If you wish to transfer to another team, all transfer requests must be made via the Player Transfer Request Form found in the left column of this page. Not all transfer requests will be granted. If we cannot accommodate your transfer request, players are returned to their previous team. Please read the Player Transfer Policy found on the Player Transfer Request page before completing the transfer form.

To Register:
  • click Register Here in the left column
  • Use your username & password to open your account with WVFHC.  If you cannot remember your user name & password, click on the Forgot user name/password link to the right where you enter these fields. An email will be sent to you with your user name & password.
  • If this is your first time registering with WVFHC, scroll to the bottom of the page and select New User to the right of the user name & password field. Here you can set up an account and it will continue with registration. Select Division Junior Girls/Boys Spring League.
  • After you have logged on, a list will display with all of the players you have listed under your account & the division(s) you have previously registered for.Click on a name with Junior Girls(or Boys) Spring League - not registered  to register for the spring season. If it does not exist, then select option Register fname lname to a new division & select Division  Junior Girls (or Boys) Spring League.
  • You can also use your account to register a new player(sibling). (select Register a player then make sure you select Division Junior Girls (or Boys) Spring League).  
  • You cannot register a returning player as a new player. Do not try to change the birthdate to register as a new player. This will cause you to be charged twice for the FHBC association fees. 
  • If you have any problems trying to register, please contact the administrator at . 
  • If you do not receive an email with your Registration Confirmation, then you are not registered. Contact the administrator at to check on the status of your registration.  

2015 U7-U11 Girls & Boys Winter Skills

U7-U11 Girls & Boys Fall & Winter Skills
U7(grade 1 born 2008) Friday 5:00-6:00
U8-U9(Grades 2,3 born 2006-2007) Friday 5:00-6:00 or 6:00-7:00
U10-U11(Grades 4,5 born 2004-2005) Friday 7:00-8:00 or 6:00-7:00 
Rutledge Field
Jan 9-Mar 6
(no session Family Day weekend)

We are pleased to continue year round field hockey opportunities this Winter for all U7 – U11 players for girls and boys. 

Winter programming will begin with 4 weeks indoor coaching and end with 4 weeks of outdoor coaching. All programs will include skill development, game play and festival style games. This is a fantastic opportunity for players who want to play more field hockey throughout the year.  Moving the group indoor for winter will provide players with the opportunity to master and improve outdoor skills in the winter months while staying warm, dry and avoiding field closures.  Join us in starting the 1st year round junior programming on the lower mainland that incorporates outdoor and indoor field hockey.

Winter session will include 2 festival style tournaments.  Our goal will be to include other teams on the lower mainland for the festivals.

  • Indoor: Jan 9-Jan 30th . Indoor sticks will be provided for use during these sessions. Location for Indoor sessions: Memorial gym(east 23rd & St., Georges,NV). (depending on the numbers registered, we may have to also use Norgate gym(1295 Sowden, NV) from 5:30-6:30 or 6:30-7:30pm).  
  • Boys will be grouped together with their own coach. If we do not have sufficient boys registered for an age group, the boys will join with the girls. 
  • The 5-6 time slot will be U7 and U8-U9 players only. 
  • The 7-8 time slot will be U10-U11 players only.
  • The 6-7 time slot will be "overflow" for both U8-U9 & U10-u11 age groups.
  • Winter Cost: $120 
To register:
  • click Register Here in the left column
  • Scroll down to enter your user name & password. 
  • Select "Register fname lname (Junior Girls/Boys Winter Skills) not registered" 
  • If that does not exist, select "Register fname lname for a New Division"
  • Select division: Junior Girls Winter Skills or Junior Boys Winter Skills 

2015 Junior Girls U11-U14 Winter League

Junior Girls Winter League 
Rutledge Field
U11-U12 (grade 5 & 6 born 2003 & 2004) Sundays 3-4 
U13-U14 (grades 7 & 8 born 2001 & 2002) Sundays 4-5 or 5-6
Jan 11-Feb 22
(No sessions Family Day weekend)

Want to play field hockey in the Winter? Looking to play more games?

 Join us for the U11 - U14 Winter league this January.  Players will be placed on teams and play games against other WV teams and various clubs on the lower mainland.  

 This program is designed for players who would like to play more games throughout the year and who are already signed up in winter skill development programs.  This is a bridging program for U14 players interested in playing in WVFHC Women’s Division at U15.  Players will learn to play in different formations, practice game tactics and have playing time to practice skills learnt in their skill development programs.

  • U11 & U12 players will be grouped into teams & play ½ field games 
  • U13 & U14 players will be placed onto teams and play full field games 
  • Fall & Winter Cost: $90 
To register:
  • click Register Here in the left column
  • Scroll down to enter your user name & password. 
  • Select "Register fname lname (Junior Girls Winter League) not registered" 
  • If that does not exist, select "Register fname lname for a New Division"
  • Select division: Junior Girls Winter League

2015 Wolves Winter Program

U13-U18 Wolves Winter Program
Grades 6-12 born 1997-2003 Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm  
Rutledge Field
Jan 7th - Feb 25th 

Wolves is a High Performance and Skills Development program to improve the quality of boys field hockey on the North Shore and BC. We guarantee an excellent level of coaching by predominantly making use of National or ex-National players, as well as Provincial or National program coaches. Coaches provide a role model for athletes and players are exposed to current International playing trends and styles.

The Wolves program plays a vital role in a player’s technical and tactical development. All training sessions are based on the Mens National Team core concepts and principals. These sessions will give players the skills and techniques to excel in Spring league, Mens or Provincial teams, as well as an ideal opportunity be identified into the Junior National program.

Wolves are looking to increase the number of competitive matches the boys play. Training sessions will have a greater focus on tactical/technical elements. Selected Wolves players will tour to the Cal Cup Tournament and also play games versus local and international teams.

As mentioned the Wolves and Mens Division have formed a partnership to get more Wolves players playing in the Mens League. We are hoping to enter a mainly Wolves team into the league. This will solely depend on how many boys sign up. Players over the age of 14 are eligible to play Mens League. These players are strongly encouraged to attend both Men and Wolves training sessions as they occur on the same evening (Wednesday). Players will not be eligible to play in the Mens league without attending at least 1 session per week. The men train on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Click Here to view WVFHC's  Wolves Player Pathway & Objectives
  • Winter Cost $200
To register:
  • click Register Here in the left column
  • Scroll down to enter your user name & password.
  • Select "Register fname lname (Wolves Winter Program) (not registered)" 
  • If that option does not exist, select "Register fname lname for a New Division" 
  • Select division: Wolves Winter Program on the next screen

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