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U9-U18 Game Schedules Now Available

The first 3 weeks of the schedule have been posted at  www.bcfieldhockey.com . Check this website frequently as subsequent weeks will be added to the schedule. If you find a problem, please email scheduler@wvfhc.com

You will find
1.  League standings for all divisions - Boys and Girls
2.  Team contacts for all Clubs
3.  Game time and field allocations for all the league games
4.  Ability to print off personal team schedules
5. Instructions on how to submit Game Scores: Please email to:   fhgamescore@hotmail.com 

WVFHC HOME GAME SCHEDULE for U18->U11 Girls & Boys Teams:

WVFHC Saturday Field Schedule

WVFHC Sunday Field Schedule

To cancel a game scheduled for the current week:

  1. At least 72 hours prior to the game, contact the other team.
  2. Contact  scheduler@wvfhc.com  and advise ; there may be another team wanting the game slot.  She will also notify the GVJFHL on your behalf.
  3. Please contact the umpire assignor for your age group and advise.

Please do NOT plan to reschedule a game. We have very few alternate times. 

If absolutely necessary:

  1. Please refer to the WVFHC Saturday or Sunday Field schedule and look for empty game slots highlighted in bright blue. Grey blocks are NOT available. Work with your opposition to find a time that works for both teams.  
  2. Contact scheduler@wvfhc.com  to confirm if the time is still available, and ask her to book it, providing the details of the cancelled game.  The scheduler will also notify the league of the rescheduled time for the game.
  3. The WV Home game  & Field schedules will be updated regularly and posted to the website.  Games in pink are re-scheduled games, open game times are in bright blue. 

U8, U9 & U10 Schedules

U8 Schedule

U9 Game Schedule

U10 Game Schedule

2014 Team Photo Schedule

WVFHC Photo Days Schedule is:

  • Wednesday April 23rd  4:00 - 9:00 pm at Hugo Ray Clubhouse
  • Thursday April 24th 4:00 - 9:00 pm at Hugo Ray Clubhouse
  • Friday May 2nd 4:00 - 9:00 pm at Rutledge Field Warm-Up Pad

Missed player photo day is Friday May 2nd .

Click the link to download the spreadsheet. 2014 Photo Day Schedule

The schedule was created to avoid conflict with your practice time. The schedule is sorted by Division,age group & team name so it is easy to find your team. Boys teams have a B after the age group. U6-U8 teams & U9 boys are listed at the bottom on the Friday May 2nd schedule.     

  • Players should arrive 15 minutes before the photo time with their photo envelope.  All players must have an envelope with the player's name and team name on it to receive the memory mate, which is included in the WVFHC registration fee.  
  • If ordering photos, ensure the order section is complete with payment enclosed (or credit card information provided).
  • All players must wear their uniforms & bring their sticks.
  • Please do not bring extra backpacks/jackets as there is no place to store them at Hugo Ray. 
  • After completed photos have been returned to each player, additional photos can be ordered from their website www.pro-linephotography.ca  . 

 If you have any questions, contact our photo day coordinator at photos@wvfhc.com .

2014 Practice Schedule
Below is a link to the practice schedule for 2014 U9-U18 teams. .

Click Here to view 2014 Practice schedule.  

A few reminders about your practice field assignment:
  • Each team has  been assigned 1 hour of practice per week.  
  • We start assignments from U18 & worked our way down to U11. This year U9-U10 teams have their practices grouped together in a selected group of time slots. We also gave special consideration to those that were coaching 2 or more teams.
  • Wednesday was the most popular day requested & Rutledge the most popular field. We tried our best, but not everyone did get their first choice. The schedule is a combination of 1st, 2nd, 3rd , plus 4th & 5th choices.
  • Any of the grey shaded areas have not been allocated to WVFHC – so please do not ask to be moved to one of those.
  • Due to the number of teams and shortage of available practice times some teams are assigned three to a field.  All U11-U18 teams are given a half field.  Some U9-U10 teams will be sharing a half field.
  • In instances where three U9-U10 teams share an entire field, the teams should take 1/3 field each and take turns in the middle third of the field so each team can have access to a goal for some weeks. (except Wednesday Confederations from 6-7: U11 will practice on ½ field & U9 Lions & U9 Crushers will share the other ½ field).
  • Please do not permit your players to enter the field to warm up before your start time. 
  • Please make sure the field is cleared of cones & balls at the end of your practice so the next team can start their practice on time. 
  • As you can see from the schedule, there are very few free time slots If there are problems with your assigned time, please contact annes@wvfhc.com

Registration for 2014 Junior Spring League
Juniors Spring League runs from early April to the June 21st weekend.
Registration is now closed for both Junior Girls & Boys Spring League for many age groups. Some age groups still have space remaining on their teams. There will be a late charge fee of $20 added to any late registrations.   

To Register:
  • click Register Here in the left column. This will show which age groups currently have a wait list and which are still open.
  • use your username & password to open your account with WVFHC.  This will list all of the players you have listed under your account & the division(s) you have previously registered for. Click on a name listed with the Junior Girls(or Boys)  Spring League division  to register for the spring season.
  • You can also use your account to register a new player. (select Register a player then make sure you select Division Junior Girls (or Boys) Spring League).  
  • You cannot register a returning player as a new player. Do not try to change the birthdate to register as a new player. This will cause you to be charged twice for the FHBC association fees. 
  • If you have any problems trying to register, please contact the administrator at info@wvfhc.com . 
If the age group is full, you will be placed on a waitlist and this waitlist will be cleared when we ascertain space is available in your age group.  Your payment will not be processed until we clear you off the waitlist.   

You can also contact your age-group coordinator directly for more information.  Go to the About Us page to find out Club Contacts and scroll down the list to the relevant age-group for girls or boys.
2014 Coaching Clinics
The following Coaching Clinics will be held throughout the spring season at RUTLEDGE field. No need to pre-register- just show up! 

Monday Nights
7:30pm - 8:30pm - U9 & U10 Clinic with Andrea Gibson
7:30pm - 9:00pm - U13 & U14 Clinic with Geoff Matthews
8:30pm - 9:30pm - Coaches game

Tuesday Nights
6:00pm - 9:00pm - U11 to U18 Clinics, - age group times will be emailed 1 week in advance

Wednesday Nights
7:30pm - 9:00pm - U13 & U14 Clinic with Geoff Matthews
8:00pm - 9:00pm - U11 to U18 Clinics, - age group times will be emailed 1 week in advance
WVFHC Coaching Resources

To access the WVFHC Coaching Plans by Age-Group and WVFHC Coaching Conference Presentations you will need your WVFHC coach username and password.

Please go to Coaching - Coach Login for more information.
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